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Yes Duffy Architects is a new(ish) firm in town.

We passionately design and deliver visionary urban projects.

All day.  Every Day.


our vision

Urban Housing has been taking way too long to design and build.  Design, permitting and delivery methods are disjointed, expensive, inefficient and outdated. The AEC industry needs an upgrade.

Yes Duffy Architects is a nimble, Purpose-Driven Architecture and Design firm focused on designing and delivering urban projects using innovative and efficient strategies.


From 2010-2018, I designed a wide range of award-winning, sustainable, mixed-use modular developments at David Baker Architects in San Francisco.  I led DBA’s expertise in modular housing, custom manufacturing, digital fabrication, and designing for a new generation of collaborative spaces and creative communities.

After 8 great years at DBA, I am proud to launch my own architecture and design firm, Yes Duffy Architects. 


 selected previous works at DBA



At Yes Duffy Architects we pride ourselves in reformulating complex design problems into simple solutions by synthesizing the transdisciplinary expertise of developers, builders, building scientists, technologists, engineers, product designers and others across industries.  

Our work hybridizes contemporary design methods with traditional architectural wisdom to achieve collaborative, place-based innovations.  

Our approach to sustainable, mixed-use, urban projects emerges from human-centered design-thinking, new innovations in construction technology, and deep collaboration and community.  

Our services:  Full Service Architectural Design-- Design Entitlements--Design Architect Services--Design Research--Feasibility Studies--Site Analysis--Programming--Model-building and CNC Prototyping.  


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Tel: 510-214-3676

Berkeley, CA 94710

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